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Saturday 19th November 2016 @ Doors at 7pm, Event 5

Showing and telling how it is, that, if we find ourselves being influenced by these agents of erosion, we can move from under their effects acting on our Psyche, and reach a healthier understanding of ourselves. From the Mao Shan we learn about the 12 embryonic knots and nodules along with the 3 worms. From the Yellow Emperor's classic we learn about the 6 atmospheric or pernicious influences. This connection takes the form of an evolved circular pattern that has lain dormant until now. It can be observed in nature and in exploring this new circular pattern; it shows us we do indeed have a common Psyche. From his research over the last 20 yrs, Renwick is to explain how in his view knowledge from ancient sources of spiritual wisdom, coupled with practical therapeutic wisdom from the foundational text of acupuncture, and with modern psychiatric knowledge can all be connected. 

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